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Of all our body parts, it can be argued that our feet take the most abuse, no matter what the season.

Comfortable shoes for painful feetThey spend the spring wedding season teetering about in stilettos. In the summer, they often swell and fracture from being shoved into unsupportive flip flops before being trotted around fungus-ridden concrete water parks. They pound the pavement during fall turkey trot 5Ks. And while they do get a bit of a break during the winter months with heavier soles, they still may sweat and chafe inside heavily insulated boots or those made of synthetic fabrics.

So where’s the love for our tired dogs — the ones that get us from place to place, and often in a hurry at that?

Take a Look Around…

At UncomfortableFoot.com, we go toe-to-toe against anything that isn’t foot friendly. We offer pointers on everything from finding comfort shoes at a discounted price to even repurposing old shoes into do it yourself craft projects.

Each section on our site walks visitors through any common foot problems they may come across when trying to improve any damage they may have done to their feet.

Tips & Tricks…

Our “Tips and Tricks” section starts with the basics — how to measure your foot and ensure a good fit when purchasing the most comfortable shoes — and builds into more complex topics, such as lengthening legs to supermodel proportions while still managing to wear comfortable shoes.

Relevant posts such as “Flip Flops: Are They Really So Evil?” and “Saving Smelly Feet” address issues many people have on their minds but may not know how to find the answer to.  Some are timely with whatever the current season is, while others offer evergreen tips. Many of these use personal anecdotes to entertain and frame the issue better, which is a step up from plain, no-frills advice. We like to keep the dialog running and would love it if you would post any advice that is relevant to our readers.

Foot Problems…

Another section on our website outlines some of the more “Common Foot Problems” people experience. There are detailed descriptions of symptoms and treatment options for achilles tendonitis, bunions, diabetic neuropathy, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, pregnancy foot issues, shin splints, yellow toenails, and more.  Many times we offer helpful hints for shoe for sore feet to help ease or even remedy the condition.

Brand & Product Reviews…

Our “Product Reviews” section covers everything from finding “Ugly American” white sneaker alternatives for that European trip to embracing current shoe fashion trends in the most comfort-minded way.  To prove shoe practicality doesn’t have to be boring, or even aging, we review styles people may think are damaging at first glance. The sassy wedge, arguably the stiletto’s sexier cousin, can work for those with high arches to deliver added support — and it can do so in shades of vibrant red or hot pink. We’ll help you understand why.  We even offer ways to update beloved classic silhouettes, such as the Mary Jane, from childhood through sophisticated adulthood.

And we even keep an open mind about heels, recommending some styles of comfortable stylish heels for social events or an office setting that won’t throw out your lower back.

Our Brand Reviews take a look at seasonal styles from popular comfort brands such as Dansko, Mephisto, NAOT, and Birkenstock, as well as some relatively unknown brands such as Haflinger, Abeo, Aetrex and more.

Submit a Guest Post…

One of the more useful sections we like to promote is our Guest Author area. This can prove to be invaluable advice for readers, since it comes from the real life experience of their peers.

Follow Us, Save Money, and Win Free Shoes…

Finally, our Daily Deals & Coupons page offers the info you need to save money at a variety of different shoe retailer websites. This will help save you time from doing searches and opening several different pages at a time to compare sales.

Those who want to receive notifications of great deals from retailers, participate in our contests, and keep abreast of our latest foot health knowledge should sign up for our newsletter.

You can also access us via Google+, Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to our RSS feed.


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