Unless you live in an isolated and remote society without footwear, you are familiar with Ugg Boots and their meteoric rise to fame over the course of the past few years. The furry and stylish footwear can go with just about any outfit and be worn any time of year. Stars from all realms of the entertainment world have cemented the popularity of Ugg Boots by proudly rocking them in public situations.

Find cheap UGG bootsAs a result of the high demand for Uggs, merchants sometimes drive the prices sky-high (especially for new styles), which consumers are often forced to pay if they have no other immediate available options. Here are six to help you find Ugg Boots on sale and keep the costs of your next pair as low as possible…

1.  Find an UGG Factory Outlet

Many people that wear the warm sheepskin boots are unaware that they originated in Australia. Uggs have been made down under since the 1960s, and they made their way into surf and sporting shops in the United States in the 1970s. Two UGG outlet stores exist on the shores of Australia near Brisbane, and they have turned into a hub for tourists in the past decade. Naturally, some of the best prices in the world can be found there, as the shoes are devoid of shipping markups and International tariffs.  But if you had the money to travel to Australia, you probably wouldn’t be worrying about finding an UGG boots clearance source, so read on

2.  Mailing Lists

One little trick is to subscribe to the mailing lists for major online footwear retailers.  For example, Zappos.com and TheWalkingCompany.com regularly send out email blasts about new products, sales, coupons, etc.  Now you’re not going to get the latest and greatest UGG boots at a 25% discount, but you could pick up an older style at a good price just by signing up for their mailing lists and paying attention to those email offers and/or coupon codes when they come through.

3.  Do Some Regional Comparisons

A good rule of thumb is that the closer a pair of Uggs is to Australia, the cheaper it will be, even though the company has shifted some of its manufacturing operations to China in recent years. Many folks have been astonished to find UGG boots in Hawaiian stores that are half the cost of what is asked in California. Goods are almost always more expensive in Hawaii as a result of the need to ship them from the mainland, but the islands win the commerce war when it comes to Australian goods.

Taking ten or fifteen minutes to call a handful of stores across the nation will also give you a good idea of where the deals are. There’s a very good chance that the price of the same pair of boots will be wildly different in Oregon than it is in Chicago.

4.  Do Your Homework

UGG Classic Short BootThere is a potential fallout of finding an amazing deal on Uggs, and that is the possibility that they are counterfeit. There is a difference between a good deal and a deal that is too good to be true, so take a moment to look things over before you rush into any street-corner offers that may leave you with an inferior and essentially useless product in the end. The main thing to look for is a raised or embossed official logo on the bottom of each shoe. In 99% of the cases, fake Uggs will have a logo that is entirely flat. Flat equals fake, generally speaking.

5.  Time Your Purchase

As the holidays approach, the cost of Uggs in department stores and online steadily begins to rise. By making your purchase in the springtime or during the summer, you will likely find much lower prices than if you wait until the bells of Santa’s sled can be heard in the distance. Unless you absolutely have to have a new pair for that holiday party that everyone will be attending, exercise patience and timing.

6.  Ebay

Probably your best option… but again, be careful to make sure that the cheap UGG boots you find on Ebay aren’t counterfeits.


Good Luck !!



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