When heading into the office you want to look and feel good. A key component of this is a comfortable foot which starts with a good pair of shoes. While trendy shoes may be your first choice, there is a way to get comfort and style in one neat package. Our selection of comfortable work shoes for women is sure to delight.¬† We’ll focus on some basic shoe categories commonly worn in the office.

Aerosoles cheery tomato Pump

Aerosoles cheery tomato Pump

Cole Haan 'Air Tali' Wedge Pump

Cole Haan 'Air Tali' Wedge Pump

Many women like to wear heels for the added height and instant posture improvement, not to mention the femininity they bring. Instead of honing in on those 3″ stilettos, opt for a mid to low heel during the work day.

A cushioned footbed and flexible rubber sole are two key ingredients that can be found in these brown Aerosoles heels to the left. Comfort isn’t just about the sole. Finding a style with a higher stance or strap is also a smart foot move. The added structure will help hold your foot in place preventing¬† your foot from sliding and rubbing uncomfortably throughout the day. Add low heel, rubber sole, and higher stance to help to ward off an uncomfortable foot.

For those women who spend a good amount of the day on their feet, a wedge shoe is a nice alternative to a traditional heel. Since you are going to work, we’d avoid rafia and bold prints in these wedges, even though they are on trend. Save those looks for the weekend and instead opt for a sleeker design in the office.

Metallic isn’t off limits when done in a sophisticated way, like in these Cole Haan ‘Air’ Wedges. That Nike Air technology makes work shoes comfortable for standing during long presentations or running endless errands for the boss. These also have a flexible rubber sole which will prevent the ball of your foot from becoming sore when standing in heeled shoe.

Dolce Vita Nariko Embossed Faux Snakeskin Smoking Slippers

Dolce Vita Nariko Embossed Faux Snakeskin Smoking Slippers

This year an old shoe style is making a fresh new comeback and we love it for the comfort potential it can provide. We all know ballet flats have moved from a trend to a wardrobe staple. Some people still don’t feel they make for an appropriate work shoe. If you’re in that camp, have no fear a new style has emerged in the form of a smoking shoe.

With a large contingent of brands embracing this shoe, you are certain to find one that fits your foot perfectly. The structure gives them a more professional demeanor while the simple fact that they are flat help improve your foot comfort.

Avoid an uncomfortable foot and un-stylish ensemble by finding shoes that feel and look great!


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