How is your New Year’s resolution progressing? If you’re still at it, kudos to you! If not, now is the perfect time to give it another go. Start off right by embracing your goal to exercise more. Something as simple as walking can help you shed pounds, raise your endurance, and generally get in better shape. Unfortunately, something as simple as uncomfortable shoes can keep you from getting up and going for a walk. We’re betting a new pair of walking shoes is just the ticket to help you renew your resolution.

When looking for the most comfortable walking shoes for you, there are a number of things to consider — Comfort being the key!

1.  Do you need more cushion in the toe or the heel?
Typically walking shoes focus the extra padding in the toe or ball of your foot. If this is a stress point for you, then look at walking shoes. If you have heel pain, then a running shoe might be more your speed. These designs typically focus the extra cushion toward the heel.

2.  Wide or Narrow, or in between?
While you may not make these distinctions in your everyday footwear, if you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time walking in these shoes, it’s an important consideration. Look for a brand that allows you to define the width as well as the size when ordering your new walking shoes.

3.  Technology
Once you’ve narrowed down your selection by fit and cushioning, you can look at what technology these shoes have to offer. Consider breathable fabrics in hot climates and waterproof liners in humid or damp climates.

So what shoes do we recommend to jump start your walking resolution? The Walking Company has an excellent selection at great prices for men and women. They even allow you to shop by “comfort,” a feature we can really get behind.

Below are some reviews of the best brands (and specific styles) to check out if you’re looking for the most comfortable walking shoes for “a new you”…


Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women

Abeo shoes uses SMARTsystem,™ a technology developed at Stanford University and ideal for those walking to reduce body weight. The shoes even come in fashionable color schemes to keep you motivated to look great.  Ladies, the ABEO 3650 Mesh comes in three great color schemes and medium and wide widths. We recommend ordering ½ a size larger because these shoes run a tad small.

ABEO 3650 Mesh Walking Shoes


Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

Guys, ABEO has a walking shoe for you too. The ABEO Smart 3790 has a focus on breathability. Plus the sole is designed for stability on a large range of surfaces.

ABEO Smart 3790


Be sure to consider all the comfort points when selecting your new shoes. If they aren’t comfortable walking around the store they probably won’t be comfortable walking around your block.






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