People who suffer from plantar fasciitis know how painful it can be. Even the slightest amount of exertion can cause pain to shoot through the foot. The connective tissue that spans the bottom portion of the foot can become inflamed due to a number of reasons. One of the main cause of plantar fasciitis is consistent pounding of the feet on hard surfaces. Running, jumping, and other sports that require your feet to strike the ground with a lot of force are a few examples that can cause this painful problem.

The good news is, plantar fasciitis is not a permanent condition. It can be treated in a variety of ways. One way is to rest the foot. Avoid the activity that causes the pain. You don’t have to avoid the activity forever, just until the pain subsides. Once you resume the activity, the main thing you should remember is to take it slow. Another way to treat plantar fasciitis is to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

One of the proactive steps you can take for plantar fasciitis is to invest in a good shoe. There are shoes that are designed to help with this issue. If the case is particularly severe, a night splint may be needed to treat the problem. There are also separate foot products that you can place in your shoes to help you out with plantar fasciitis.

Shoes and Slippers

Let’s first take a look into one of the most important ways to deal with plantar fasciitis. There are so many types of shoes on the market today, it can be hard to tell what is proper for your feet. A good shoe salesperson can help you fit your feet and decide what shoe is best for you. A knowledgeable shoe salesperson can determine how much arch support a person needs. The flatter the arch, the more likely it is that plantar fasciitis can be a problem. Shoes with better arch support can help alleviate pain, and help you avoid the problem in the future.

Another aspect to a proper shoe is an appropriate sole. A firm sole that bends at the toe is an ideal type. Soles that are flimsy and bend at any portion are not ideal for feet. High heels should be avoided whenever possible since they hold your feet in an unnatural and awkward position.

Stability control is a great aspect to look at when choosing a shoe. Stability control deals with the natural rolling, or pronation of the foot. Over-pronation, when the foot rolls inwards more than it should, is a main cause of plantar fasciitis. Stability control is generally helped by acquiring a running shoe.

A good option for shoes or slippers to help with plantar fasciitis is the Haflinger brand. They make their shoes and slippers from wool that is boiled.  The special footbed in Haflinger clogs makes it easier for the footwear to mold to the foot.  When a shoe is form-fitted to your feet, they provide more orthotic support and comfort. This makes it a great option to wear when you’re walking around the house but don’t want to be barefoot.  A few other good shoe brands to choose from include Orthaheel, Vionic, Spira, and Comfortrite.

Foot Wraps and Cushions

Foot supports or arch supports are products designed to compress your foot while slightly lifting the arch at the same time. These supports can go on under or over your sock. This solutions is similar to sports taping techniques, however a specially designed arch support will last longer.

Heel Cushions

Heel cushions can either be inserted into the shoe or slipped onto the foot over or under socks. Heel cushions provide a soft padding and absorbs some of the impact shock that passes through the feet when you walk or run.  Heel inserts can be made from gel, foam, or other soft material.

Night Splints

Night splints aid in the healing of plantar fasciitis as you sleep. They also provide the easement of pain. Night splints look a lot like a boot cast, but not all are big and cumbersome. These splints hold your foot in a gentle stretch by pulling the toes up, lengthening the band of muscles and tendons.

Stretching Products

Proactive solutions for plantar fasciitis include stretching aids and massage tactics. Massaging the bottom of the foot with a regular tennis ball provides great relief of pain. Heel cord stretchers not only stretch the achilles tendons, but also stretch the arches of the feet.

Hot and Cold Therapy

To aid in swelling and pain, alternating between heat and cold can provide relief from plantar fasciitis. The cold from an ice pack will diminish swelling, while the heat from a heating pad will relax knots in the bottom of the foot.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, understand it is not a permanent condition. With the right treatment and proper shoes, the condition will heal in time. The most important thing to do is to find a quality shoe. One of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis is one that contours to your feet and gives the support that is needed.


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